The Renishaw OMP400 High Accuracy Probe features an ultra compact design with optical transmission for compact to small machining centers and mill-turn centers.

Product Features

  • Proven Rengage Strain Gage Technology offering .025μm repeatability at 2σ
  • Modulated Transmission for exceptional resistance to light interference
  • Sealed to IPX8 for use in the harshest machining environments
  • Ultra-compact probe design (40mm Ø x 50mm long)
  • Unrivalled performance on complex 3D shapes, ideal for 5-Axis machine tools
  • Wide variety of shanks to fit nearly all machining centers
Best For / Key Benefits
  • Reduced set-up & calibration routines provide more time for machining cycles
  • Improved process control and quality
  • Reduced, rework, concessions and scrap
  • Less operator intervention
  • Long service life
  • Fast to install & easy to use
  • Used with automatic tool changers