Onsite Training & Installation

Complete, onsite installation and training - with our expertise

PQI offers top of the line installation services of unparalleled quality in the industry. Taught by Installation Engineers onsite, on your machines, with your parts - no mock classroom setting.

Maximizing reliability, minimizing life cycle costs, all wiring is done to factory specifications and clearly labelled to ensure ease of maintenance and troubleshooting. Everything you need to make sure the machine performs its best.

If you need immediate assistance from Machine Tool Support, please call (763) 249-8135.

The PQI Difference

No one comes close in providing individualized, qualified engineering advice one-on-one for clients during and after installation. You’ll work with a key engineer dedicated to your project throughout selection, installation and training.


PQI has an entire team of 10 engineers on staff committed to your installation.


Many of our engineers have more than 2 decades of experience.


More than 400 installations a year means we have seen and fixed it all.


  • Electrical
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Job Shop
  • Construction
  • Oil & Gas
  • Semiconductor

Unmatched After Sales Support

Clean, Professional Installation
Complete, Onsite Training
Easy Maintenance
Lasting Customer Relationships

Support for the Lifecycle of Our Product

Our services include programming guides and manuals to ensure customers ability to effectively use the software long after we leave the building. We provide customized training for every organization, tailored to your size and industry.

Perform the Impossible

Multilayered, comprehensive training to maximize the effectiveness, accuracy and repeatability of your systems - of all options:

  • Part Inspection
  • Tool Setting
  • Part & Fixture Setup
Complete, onsite installation and training with PQI Engineers