MP700 Probe Upgrade Program

The Program Overview

If you are currently using an MP700 probe on your machine tool, you may be unaware that Renishaw, Inc. has discontinued this model. Now is the time to upgrade to the OMP600 system and avoid any production disruptions.

For a limited time, PQI MT Probing Solutions is offering to replace any MP700 probe with a OMP600. Instead of the usual price of $5,999.00, PQI will replace the full MP700 system (probe and interface) for just $4,999.00*.

*Price does not include travel.

What you get with a new OMP600:

  • Improved trigger filtering that will increase resistance to shock/ vibration and reduce false triggers on machine.
  • A compact stainless steel body to allow for more clearance in smaller machines.
  • Upgraded modulated interface for better signal strength and more reliable communication.
  • Battery life in continuous use increased by 100%.
  • Compatible with your existing styli.